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How much should chain link fence installation REALLY cost? For a basic 25 linear feet project, the cost to Install a Chain Link Fence averages $16.30 - $21.83 per linear foot But - costs vary significantly by region and project size. Use this calculator to get the total Chain Link Fencing Labor Direct labor to install chain link

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How much does it cost to install a fence? posts fence to $460 / Ln. Ft. or even more for custom build 6 Ft. high stone fence. Chain link fence (4' high) 2 Labor cost is a charge per linear foot for basic installation of minimum 120 Ln. Ft. of

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How Much Does Fencing Installation Cost? Author: Brian When receiving an estimate from a contractor, most will give a price per linear foot and not differentiate between materials and labor. The prices below reflect an average fence height of 5-6 feet tall. Chain link fence installation costs $7.50-$15 per liner foot.

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Along with material costs, labor costs for fencing level, many considerations are more straightforward. Security: You want a fence that's secure, so think about making it at least 6-feet tall so it's not easy for people to climb over. Chain link is also not very secure versus wood

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$15.25 per linear foot (6 ft fence) (Range: $11.67 - $18.83) Free Estimates from Does the contractor offer a warranty for the labor or materials? - Do they require you to What to consider when hiring a contractor to install chain link fencing.

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How much a chain-link fence should cost. With Professional Installation: $5- $35+ Per Square Foot With professional installation, a typical residential chain- link fence can cost $5-$35 or more a foot for labor and materials, depending on

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How much would material, labor, and install run me? Vinyl Chain link fences ( cjimprovements/ - broken link) I had a handyman install a 6' dog ear fence for $14 per linear ft and Budget Fence in Fuquay gave me the same price quote. How much would labor be to install the 6 ft. fence?

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The cost of hiring a professional to install your fence can vary depending on length and type. Learn the right $2,600 for chain-link, at $13 a foot ? $3,200 for wood For a 40-foot fence installation, total labor costs can run up to $1,000. Fence types I've been doing standard three-rail 6ft privacy fences for about $12.00/ft.

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How Much Does a 6 Foot Chain Link Fence Cost? The average reported cost per square foot for chain link fencing is $18. A lot of fencing companies these days have begun to include labor and installation as part of their per-square-foot

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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Vinyl Chain Link Fence? basic vinyl chain link fence installation will cost between $1,145 and $1,415 per 100 linear feet, which includes $730 to $880 worth of materials and $420 to $535 worth of labor.

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Chain link fence, wood How much does it cost to install a fence? 2 Labor cost is a charge per linear foot for basic installation of minimum 120 Ln. Ft ..

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In TN my company charges about $4-$5 per foot depending on conditions labor only. Height and gates will change your materials costs.