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The Award-Winning Engineered Subfloor Panel. Winner of Builder Magazine's #1 Quality Brand Leader award every year since 2002 and featuring an

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? Polyboard subflooring repels termite, woodworm and bugs. ? Polyboard is the ? Rot-proof and Woodworm-repellent Panels for Houses ? Waterproof Base

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The Price of Termite Proofing Your Floors. In everyday Alternatively, a housewith a crawlspace will have wood or steel floor joists and a wood subfloor.

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Tru-Core? provides effective protection against a wide variety of insectsincluding Formosan Termites. Tru-Core OSB termite resistance comparison.Identical

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Use termite-resistant building materials whenever possible. in crawl spacesunder foundations as a moisture barrier between the soil and subfloor framing.

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Aug 12, 2003 UF Experts Say “Termite Resistant” Construction Best Way To Prevent pressure-treated sheathing, sub-flooring and lumber from Osmose,

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Prevention; Sand Barriers; Metal Termite Shields; Monitoring, Detection andIdentification termite prevention in the form of treated wood or naturallyresistant wood will be required . This will help decrease moisture buildup in sub-flooring.

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Sheet capping (cap) - sheet material (e.g. metal) used as an isolated orcontinuous subfloor barrier. Stainless steel mesh (mesh) - termite proof meshused as an

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meet new mandatory fire and energy codes with structural products that are fire, rot, mold, and termite resistant that double the energy efficiency of buildings,

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Simply the best at making termite pretreatment simple Bora-Care is applieddirectly to the wood and concrete on walls, subfloors, sill plates, piers and Andbecause of this unique mode of action, insects cannot develop a resistance, ever.

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and rated for subflooring where the floor joists are spaced 16" sheathing to thestuds or to add resistance place a shield made of termite-resistant material

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(1) Floor Finish: USG Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor Mezzanine Applicationsmust be designed to the ULC 1-, 1.5-, 2-Hour Fire Resistance Designsa.